The Tree Top Rooms

Enjoy the High Life in One of Our Treetop Rooms

Experience the uplifting feeling of sleeping amid the trees in one of our special Treetop Rooms. These cozy rooms are nestled among the leaves, giving guests the unmistakeable treat of a night spent close nature.


  • Queen-size bed
  • Down and alternative down comforters and pillows
  • Luxury linens
  • Private baths
  • Hair dryer
  • WiFi
  • Complimentary custom-made toiletries
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • Full farm to table gourmet breakfast

Tree Top Room Rates

Legend, Moonshine, Tallulah and Minnehaha:In-Season Rates (APR 1 – NOV 30): Weekday $114 / Week-end/Holiday $144

Off-Season Rates (DEC 1 – MAR 31): Weekday $104 / Week-end/Holiday $104

Lakemont Room:

In-Season Rates (APR 1 – NOV 30): Weekday $159 / Week-end/Holiday $159

Off-Season Rates (DEC 1 – MAR 31): Weekday $119 / Week-end/Holiday $144

Legends Room

The Legend Room

Has windows facing north and comes complete with a “Dream Catcher” to encourage sweet dreams. Native Americans believed that these hoops of willow and bits of nature had the power to catch all negative dreams. An overhead fan, uniquely crafted large wooden mirror, mountain laurel sconces, and clothes racks all create the unmistakable feeling of being in the mountains.

The Moonshine Room

Intimate, with a little mountain history only discovered in the magical liquid of moonshine! Historic pictures of local moonshiners adorn the walls, as well as original oil paintings. This is the coziest of the rooms in our Blue Ridge Mountain bed and breakfast inn. It features a large, artfully crafted wooden mirror, Adirondack wall sconces and clothes rack, and overhead fan.

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Tallulah Room

The Tallulah Room

Tallulah is a Native American word that means “leaping water.” It’s been said that a young brunette woman sometimes visits this room in spirit. She’s said to be kind. The room is located on the west end of the hotel, with windows facing the lake. An overhead fan, a large wooden artfully formed mirror, and mountain laurel clothes rack are featured in the room, which is steps away from the Tree Top Deck, a great place for daytime relaxing in the heart of our green trees.

The Minnehaha Room

Minnehaha is a Native American word that means “laughing water.” This room is named in honor of Minnehaha Falls, a spectacular waterfall with a 100-foot cascade located only 10 minutes from the hotel. The room is close to the Tree Top Deck and features a large wooden handcrafted Adirondack mirror, mountain laurel clothes rack, and overhead fan.

Minnehaha Room
Minnehaha Room

The Lakemont Room

Named for the quaint, historic art village of Lakemont, it’s a staff favorite, with treetop views and large windows facing the lake. It’s somewhat larger, with an ample bathroom. It features a large custom-crafted wood mirror, Adirondack clothes racks, overhead fan, and unique mountain laurel sconces by the bed. Wood board and batten walls give this room warmth. The bathroom is divided in two, so that one person can shave while the other showers.

In the lounge areas, enjoy a small fridge for personal storage and stocked with mountain spring water, snacks, freshly baked house-made cookies. Please see our Policies.