These 17 North Georgia Waterfalls Will Take Your Breath Away

north georgia waterfalls

Georgia has a wide range of water resources, including 4,500,000 acres of freshwater wetlands, over 70,000 miles of rivers, and more than 425,000 acres of ponds, lakes, and reservoirs, according to the University of Georgia. Wanting scenic views? Whether looking near Lakemont, Athens, or Toccoa, these 17 North Georgia waterfalls will take your breath away.

17 North Georgia Waterfalls to Take Your Breath Away

The range of waterfalls in northern Georgia includes some that are easily accessible and others that require more lengthy drives and hikes to reach. Luckily, Lake Rabun Hotel offers a peaceful oasis within close proximity to many of these waterfalls. Our guide, ordered based on our proximity, will outline locations, features, and accessibility for each of these breathtaking North Georgia waterfalls.

Panther Falls/Angel Falls

Southeast of Athens, Panther and Angel Falls are two lesser-known but beautifully paired North Georgia waterfalls. The official 2-for-1 hiking trail features a 1.75-mile trek, where the more impressive Panther Falls comes at the 0.6-mile mark before the steeper section of the hike that leads to the viewing platform for Angel Falls.

Minnehaha Falls

A popular waterfall near Lakemont, GA, Minnehaha Falls has easily ascending stairs on a hike totaling less than half a mile. With such a short hike required for the breathtaking views, this is one of the best waterfalls in North Georgia for a family trip or anyone pressed for time.

Tallulah Falls

The 1,000-foot deep Tallulah Gorge is an attraction in its own right, but its 2-mile moderate Hurricane Falls Trail offers the most popular views of the Tallulah Falls. Once you’ve completed this natural hike, discover other family-friendly activities in Tallulah Falls, Georgia, at Tallulah Gorge State Park.

Hemlock Falls

Hemlock Falls is an easily accessible destination with multiple rock outcroppings and phenomenal views of this waterfall near Toccoa, GA. This simple 1.9-mile trek featuring several cascades in a picturesque forest landscape is so popular you’ll want to get an early start on weekends to avoid large crowds.

Dicks Creek Falls

The Dicks Creek Falls, right on the border of South Carolina and North Georgia, is a stunning waterfall you won’t want to miss. Accessible on a relatively simple 1.2-mile hike along the Bartram Trail, this experience features excellent views not only of the waterfall but also the picturesque Chattooga River. Experience the best of both worlds with this cross-border beauty.

Holcomb Creek Falls

Holcomb Creek Falls, right in the northeast corner of Georgia about an hour north of Toccoa, highlights a drop of almost 150 feet on a moderate 1.75-mile loop trail that also allows viewers a sight at the waterfall at Ammons Creek. Going towards the main falls, viewers cross through rhododendron patches and several smaller cascades.

Long Creek Falls

Sitting at the intersection of three trails, Long Creek Falls boasts consistent popularity. The 2-mile trek required to see the falls is moderately difficult, especially with its climb in elevation. The forest background for the cascade, including patches of tulips, makes this waterfall in northern Georgia a popular destination for afternoon picnics.

Amicalola Falls

As the stunning feature of its state park about an hour southeast of Helen, Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in Georgia, reaching an impressive 729 feet. Though various hikes provide views of this standout of the North Georgia waterfalls, the favorite scenic experience comes on the Amicalola Falls Loop Trail, a 2-mile easy experience featuring a climb down a ridge and winding stairs with a clear view of this waterfall, which is considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Georgia.

Anna Ruby Falls

One of the most unique waterfalls near Helen, GA, Anna Ruby Falls features a pair of waterfalls side by side at the meeting of York and Curtis Creek, falling into Smith Creek. This remarkable sight is easily accessible from a round-trip hike that is just under a mile, featuring a walk on the bridge over Smith Creek and through the forest to see the waterfall.

Blue Hole Falls/High Shoals Falls

A few miles deeper north into the Chattahoochee National Forest, Blue Holes Falls and High Shoals Falls make stunning additions to the waterfalls near Helen, GA. A moderate hike through a forest and along a creek takes 2.4 miles round trip. Blue Hole Falls gets its name from the stunning view that stars a single drop falling into a pool of deep blue, and High Shoals Falls features a jaw-dropping 50-foot plummet.

Desoto Falls

Desoto Falls is one of the waterfalls near Helen, GA, with the best views and most convenient accessibility, easily found right off Highway 129 just inside the National Forest boundary. From the parking area along a paved path to a wooden bridge, the roundtrip hike is about 2.2 miles, including wooding viewing platforms and a recreational area.

Emery Creek Falls

On the other side of the Chattahoochee National Forest near Ellijay, Emery Creek Falls boasts one of the most expansive hiking trails for waterfalls in northern Georgia, including a 6-mile journey crossing over 20 creeks. However, the gorgeous views of the upper and lower falls are more than worth getting your feet wet.

Helton Creek Falls

One of the most accessible waterfalls near Helen, GA, is Helton Creek Falls. Displaying a pair of waterfalls at the end of a trail, you can reach this natural oasis in less than one mile. The viewing platform offers a clear view, and the surrounding hardwood and conifer trees make this an easily reached and gorgeously arrayed destination.

Dukes Creek Falls

The Dukes Creek Falls is one of the closest waterfalls near Helen, GA, featuring a downhill trip to see the breathtaking views and then the uphill trek to complete the 2-mile round trip hike. This trail is considered to be pet friendly, so bring your favorite furry friend along for the adventure.

Raven Cliff Falls

Along one of North Georgia’s most popular hiking trails, Raven Cliff Falls comes just after the 2-mile mark. For this hike, travelers follow Dodd Creek upstream and eventually cross the creek on a stunning wooden bridge into the forest backdrop for the gorgeous waterfall.

Jacks River Falls

The most remote waterfall on this list, reaching Jacks River Falls includes an 18-mile round trip hike that features almost 40 river crossings. There’s also the option of the shorter Beech Bottom Trail, though that is still over a 9-mile trek to see the falls. Pack your hiking boots and plenty of water for this adventure.

Toccoa Falls

One of the most easily accessible waterfalls in northern Georgia, Toccoa Falls is right on the campus of Toccoa Falls College, with no “hike” required. Experience this stunning view only 100 yards away from the visitor center and take a walk through the beautiful campus along the way.

Vacation in Style!

Whichever of these North Georgia waterfalls has caught your eye, you can vacation in style when you stay in the Lake Rabun Hotel. We highlight various adventures for guests that focus on our unique environment, including taking advantage of the gorgeous lakes, rivers, and waterfalls in northern Georgia. Learn more about the endless possibilities for your stay today.

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